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Friday, May 02, 2008

What is Sidewalk Counseling?

Sidewalk counseling is "reaching out" to mothers and fathers, who are contemplating or planning abortion, to offer them information that they have a need and right to know. It is conducted by way of conversation and literature. It is done with love and out of concern for unborn children who are in danger of being deprived of their God-given right to be born into the world and for their parents, especially mothers, who are in danger of being severely harmed in numerous ways.

Sidewalk counseling is conducted on public sidewalks outside abortion facilities on days that abortions are being committed and/or days when pre-abortion evaluations or pregnancy tests are provided.

Parents may be offered information about where to go for free pregnancy tests, counseling and practical assistance, as well as fetal development, adoption, abortion procedures, risks and side effects, and post-abortion counseling and healing.

Some groups incorporate other forms of street activities with their sidewalk counseling ministries such as picketing, demonstrating, preaching, displaying signs or images, evangelizing passersby or the abortion facility's staff, guards or escorts. However, in its purest form, sidewalk counseling is about saving a child from certain death and his/her parents from certain harm, one family at a time.

In fact, the term "sidewalk counseling" was devised to counter the media characterization of a group of pro-life advocates in California as demonstrators. This group had set aside their signs and all other external evidence of demonstrating and organized their efforts to be the most effective means of reaching and speaking with people in order to offer alternatives to abortion.

See 'Serious Thoughts on Sidewalk Counseling' for an in-depth reflection on this subject. Also see 'The Origins of Sidewalk Counseling'.

For more information, commentary, resources, and ministries that you could join, visit Children Deserve Birth.

What Is the Gabriel Project?

Following the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973 which made abortion legally permissible in all the States, the Rev. Msgr. John Perusina, late pastor of St. Michael Parish on Sage Road, Houston, put a sign outside the rectory which said: If you will have your baby, this parish will help you in every way. The original sign still stands today.

This was the beginning of the Gabriel Project. In 1990, Cathy McConn from St. Cecilia Parish in Houston and her friend, Rex Moses from Corpus Christi, saw the sign, and the Gabriel Project was developed throughout the Galveston-Houston and the Corpus Christi dioceses.

The Gabriel Project is parish based crisis pregnancy intervention. Through the parish acting as the Good Samaritan, Mom receives the love, care, and spiritual, material, and emotional support she needs throughout her pregnancy.

The parish community responds to Mom with unconditional love. A “Sign of Life” is placed in front of the church stating that help is available to pregnant women. A trained mentor, the parish Gabriel Angel, is responsible for ongoing contact with Mom, throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

The Gabriel Project is not a referral service. The Central Phone Number posted on the sign is the most crucial element of the Gabriel Project and its key to success. It is not intended to refer callers to pregnancy centers. When a woman calls for help, the Central Phone Line volunteer will directly contact the parish Gabriel Project Coordinator at the Church closest to where Mom lives. The Parish Gabriel Coordinator will contact a trained Angel in her parish. The Angel will call Mom and set up their first visit at the parish.

To learn more about the Gabriel Project and how to best implement it your area
click here

Also read 'The Gabriel Project: Interview with Catherine McConn'.


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