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Monday, November 14, 2005

Used surgical gloves on the sidewalk...

I took my usual stance at the exit of Aaron's Women's Health Center in Dallas at 10:00 a.m. for a most unusual Saturday. I stay from 10 to 2, as that is the time when most women exit the clinic after their abortions, but this day, people were manuevering to exit out of the entrance to avoid me. Whereas they could have simply backed up and left through the exit, they instead would back up, turn the wheel, pull forward a little, turn the whell again, back up, pull forward again and then drive toward the entrance. So much work, simply to avoid a pony-tailed young girl that only wants to give them a smile and a free Bible if them reach out to me to accept it. Instead, they break traffic safety rules and drive off in haste. With so many people recklessly driving into the entrance as quickly as possible to avoid the other sidewalk counselor, I began to wonder if there would be a wreck.

I got an unusual number of aural assaults this time. Not from visitors to the clinic, but from those on the ajoining highway. I got a "Get a Life!" and a classic "F(*& you!" and many a horn blast. But I also gave out more Bible than ever before. I guess the enemy felt the need to counter that by having his children out in full force with the long blares of car horns and obscenities. It didn't impede our work at all.

I saw something again that made my stomach turn. A used pair of surgical gloves, lying on the sidewalk last week. This week, I saw another pair (perhaps the same) crumpled in the parking lot. In a video I watched at a recent pro-life fundraising dinner, it gave a tour of a now-closed clinic. When they removed the exam tables, they found layers of dried blood. Used surgical gloves on sidewalks and dried blood do not suggest to me a sterile environment in which to have surgery, but 39 women laid down there on Saturday, submitting to and paying to be wounded unnecessarily.

Please pray that those who took my gospel tracts would read them, and that the Holy Spirit would soften their hearts. Also pray for those that avoided meeting my eyes, or exited through the entrance. They are in unspeakable physical and spiritual pain. Remember them when you approach the throne of grace.

Dallas, Texas


  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Jawndoejah said…

    Some women who have miscarriages have to go to these places for surgery. I had a surgery after my 16 week old baby in the womb died, but was fortunate to go to the hospital. I would die if I saw gloves in the lot after a surgery like that! In fact, I will never have a surgery like that (D&E) again, even if I do miscarry. I will have my baby and have a memorial service...and will get photos, foot prints, and the like. I think it's sad that doctors push women to do D&E's for miscarriage when we might actually learn that our baby is whole in that 2nd trimester.


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