A View from the Sidewalks

A group of sidewalk counselors that peacefully witness for life outside of abortion mills update this blog periodically to give like-minded believers specific prayer needs and encouraging stories of God's goodness.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I am intending to fast for several reasons, primarily the life-saving historic pro-life measures that voters will decide this November 7th.

It'll be a short but intense fast on Monday and Tuesday until the polls close in California (8:00 PST, 11:00 EST).

The prayer focuses will be:

*California Proposition 85 (Parental Notification Law)

*South Dakota Referred Law 6 (The Abortion Ban)

*The Defeat of Missouri's Amendment 2 which, if passed, would sanction human cloning and the death of human embryos.

*Texas Gubernatorial Race for the victory of the only pro-life candidate, Rick Perry. This will be critical in the repeal of The Texas Futile Care Law, a measure that allows hospitals to deny treatments to ill or disabled people without the patient/family's consent.

*Pro-life Victories in all States

and of course,

*Miss Charlotte Paige Wyatt, who is in danger of being placed under another Do-Not-Resusitate Order.

I would be blessed for everyone to pray in agreement with me in Jesus' name during these two days. Those that feel led to fast, I would love you to join me.

God bless you all!