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A group of sidewalk counselors that peacefully witness for life outside of abortion mills update this blog periodically to give like-minded believers specific prayer needs and encouraging stories of God's goodness.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Life Saved - A Family Touched by Sidewalk Counseling

Although I had spent eight years in the pro-life movement in California, Saturday, March 18th, was my first day sidewalk-counseling in Dallas. I'm not sure I had the faith to think that I could make a difference on that day, but God had other plans. I showed up at the Fairmount Center right about 9:30 am. Thankfully, many other dear Christians were already in place - some praying the Rosary, others gently offering hope and information to the young ladies entering the abortion center. I saw first-hand that the pro-lifers of Dallas had hearts of love and compassion. About thirty minutes after my arrival, a car pulled up. The sweet young mother Griselda and her husband Miguel were Catholic believers. I talked to them about their needs; about the fact that we were there for them whatever the need; be it a job, medical care, financial assistance or merely friendship. As we talked, the conversation shifted to faith and the blessings of children and family. Before long, our trust had grown to the point that we began discussing the name of their baby- Griselda letting me touch her tummy, and Miguel beginning to beam with pride. The young couple had decided for life - they thanked me profusely and drove away from the abortion center - which, except for the loving presence of pro-lifers would have been the grave of their child. Be encouraged - our presence on the sidewalks does make a difference! Not only was a life saved on Saturday, but a family was saved from the lifetime heartache of abortion. Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful welcome to Dallas!

Rockwall, TX


  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger Shannon said…

    I love your approach!! It's such a gentle way of dealing with people, and far less upsetting than the groups I've seen while driving past abortion clinics. Lots of yelling and huge signs with pictures of aborted fetuses on them. It's quite horrifying.

    What you're doing is infinitely more helpful because it doesn't seem like an attack. Your approach seems to create a comfortable environment and makes people more willing to listen to you.

    I've been exposed to a lot of christians who were abusive, mean spirited or just plain hate women, so it's been very difficult for me to even entertain the possibility that there could be some among you who are peaceful and kind. What you're doing isn't an act of condemnation - it's actually a blessing.

    I am amazed by it.

    You've really inspired me to rethink some of my beliefs about abortion.

  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger A View From the Sidewalks said…

    Thanks for this wonderful account, Michael.

    And welcome to Texas!!!


  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger A View From the Sidewalks said…

    I was touched by your response to my blog - and even more by your testimony. If you would like to correspond, you may email me at vikingscholar63@yahoo.com
    Thanks again,


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