A View from the Sidewalks

A group of sidewalk counselors that peacefully witness for life outside of abortion mills update this blog periodically to give like-minded believers specific prayer needs and encouraging stories of God's goodness.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From A San Francisco Sidewalk ~ May, 2007

On the Thursday just before Mothers Day I was getting ready to leave for the sidewalk when I stopped to pray and for some reason I was encouraged to leave my signs and baby models at home and just bring my literature, Rosaries and my Mothers Day roses. As I was driving through Golden Gate Park the traffic suddenly came to a standstill. A very large truck had just spilled out huge planks of wood onto the road. I managed to exit Park Presidio and finally made my way to the abortion mill. I was running really late and it just seemed to be one of those days when little things just don't go right. I have learned that when we face those little obstacles, something good usually happens. My partner Fay was already there. There we were just the two of us with our literature, roses and Rosaries. We managed to give out a few roses and literature to women going in but no one had changed their mind about ending the life of their little one. I could not help but feel so sorry for them and for the way they would feel on future Mothers Days for the rest of their lives. Then I approached a young couple and I asked if I could speak to them and give them some information. The woman looked so sad. She looked up briefly and then just stared down at the sidewalk. The young man said that he would accept the information that I was offering. I handed him the literature on prenatal development, a Rosary and a rose. They went in to the mill and came out about ten minutes later. I went over to talk to them again as they were getting into their car. The young man still had the Rosary and the rose. He said that they had looked at the information I had given them and had a change of heart. I gave them another rose and wished the young women a Happy Mothers Day. I offered them further help if they should need it. She thanked me and said that she could not go through with the abortion. Her unborn child is 16 weeks old. Thank you Jesus for this victory in life and for roses, Rosaries and Mothers Day. Please pray for this couple and for their precious baby.

Nora A. Dougherty
San Francisco, CA