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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Save Story from Dallas

Written by Michael, a sidewalk counselor in Dallas:

This is a story about a young Indian couple who came to one of the Dallas abortion centers. It was one of the first times I had been there. Fortunately our real veteran, Jackie Lee, was there to guide the process. She saw this couple drive down the wrong driveway. She said "Michael, get over there, they are trying to find the abortion center."

I ran over to the other driveway and waited for them to turn around. They drove back up the driveway and rolled down their window. I leaned down on the passenger side, where the mom was sitting, and ask them if I could help. The mom never looked up. She had a look of fear and shame. Her husband said they were looking for the clinic. I asked why they needed the clinic. He said what do you mean? I said, directly to his wife, are you pregnant. She did not answer. The husband did and said she was pregnant. I said, "How wonderful, you must be very excited." He looked at me strangely and said, "I am, but the timing is bad." I said, "Why is the timing bad?" He said we are in school and the timing is not good. I again asked, why is the timing bad, do you need money? They said no. "Do you need an apartment or a place to live?" He said no.

I asked again, "why is it bad timing?" The husband finally said, "I want this baby, but my wife does not". I said, "have you prayed about this together?" He said they had not. I said, "that is the real problem; you are trying to handle this on your own." The husband said, "Yes I believe this is true."

I asked if we could pray right now for peace of mind and for the healthy and wellbeing of the mom. The husband said yes.

Since I was leaning in the window on the mom's side I took her hand and began to pray. "Sweet Jesus please protect the health and wellbeing of this beautiful mom and her child. Please give this man the strength to be the father that you have called him to be. In the name of Jesus please bind up any confusion about this decision and help this husband and his wife, the mother of this beautiful baby, make the right decision, in Jesus name."

I said to him, you need to be the man and realize that a woman may say "we cannot handle this right now." What she is saying is " I am not sure you are strong enough to take care of us." Can you be the man and do what you are supposed to do? If someone were to do harm to your wife, would you stand by and let them harm her, or would you do, as I am sure you would, stand in the door of your home and give your life for your wife? He then said, "of course I would protect her."

I said, "then you must protect her now, and protect your child in her. When God gives you a child, you cannot second guess HIS wisdom. You cannot toss out the precious gift God has given you. How do you know this is not the only child God will give you. Do you know how many marriages fall apart from the trauma such as this? Do you really think you will be able to look at your wife again in the same way, or she to you, knowing the life of your child was taken for convenience or bad timing?"

Will you take five minutes and go someplace quiet and pray with your wife alone. Take her from this evil place. He left.

A few minutes later he returned. He drove in. Jackie and I nearly fainted. We prayed out loud for Jesus and HIS mom to come rescue this child and claim this mom. A moment later they drove out and stopped. The husband rolled down his window and said, "we are going to keep our baby. I can handle this." We praised him for being the man called him to be. We reassured him how pleased God will be with this beautiful act of unselfishness. We again offered help, but he said they did not need it. I gave him my own business card and cell number, and they left. Praise God

If Jackie had not realized they were a couple searching for the Abortion Mill we would not have had this opportunity. Praise God for her wisdom

Dallas, TX


  • At 6:18 AM, Blogger sunnyday said…

    Hi there!

    What a wonderful and inspiring blog you have here. I saw it for the first time now through ProLifeBlogs, and just finished reading this story that happened in Dallas. Really, you sidewalk counselors are doing a great service to people, especially those who are confused and simply need someone to reassure them and point them in the right direction. =)

    I will visit your blog regularly.

    Good day!


  • At 9:10 AM, Blogger A View From the Sidewalks said…


    Thank you for taking the time to come and encourage us with your sweet words.

    Hopefully it will encourage us also to post more often. :)

    Dallas, TX


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