A View from the Sidewalks

A group of sidewalk counselors that peacefully witness for life outside of abortion mills update this blog periodically to give like-minded believers specific prayer needs and encouraging stories of God's goodness.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Talked to Clinic Worker! She wants to leave. Pray for DJuana.

I was making my Thanksgiving plans with my family and needed to determine if I needed to be at the mill the following Saturday. So I called them. I got a clinic worker named DJuana. Here is my best memory of our conversation:

Jacque: Are you doing abortions Saturday the 26th?

DJuana: We're closed all that week until the 26th.

Jacque: But you are open that Saturday?

DJuana: How far along are you?

Jacque: Oh, I'm not pregnant. I come and pray outside your clinic on the days you kill babies.

DJuana: So you're a protestor.

Jacque: No, I'm a pray-er. I don't protest. I know you guys don't like me much. (*nervous laughter*)

DJuana: I don't dislike you. You pray for our patients?

Jacque: I pray for everyone.

DJuana: What do you pray? I'm not so sure I want someone praying for me if I don't know what they're praying.

Jacque: I pray for the patients and everyone that works there that they would stop killing babies and that the would come to know Jesus because He is the only way to be saved.

DJuana: I don't kill babies. I'm just doing my job.

Jacque: So you're not a medical person?

DJuana: No...

Jacque: My prayer for you is that you would find a job that doesn't involve killing babies at all.

DJuana: Do you have one?

Jacque: Are you serious? I can find you one. What would you like to do?

She then said that she couldn't talk about it right then. I asked for a phone number and she said you didn't have a reliable one, so I gave her mine. Pray that she calls me. Also pray that I find her a job and I can call her back with the good news. I'd like to find a job with one of my pro-life Christian network that is guarenteed so she can leave for good at also be ministered to regularly.

Pray for DJuana.

Dallas, Texas

Used surgical gloves on the sidewalk...

I took my usual stance at the exit of Aaron's Women's Health Center in Dallas at 10:00 a.m. for a most unusual Saturday. I stay from 10 to 2, as that is the time when most women exit the clinic after their abortions, but this day, people were manuevering to exit out of the entrance to avoid me. Whereas they could have simply backed up and left through the exit, they instead would back up, turn the wheel, pull forward a little, turn the whell again, back up, pull forward again and then drive toward the entrance. So much work, simply to avoid a pony-tailed young girl that only wants to give them a smile and a free Bible if them reach out to me to accept it. Instead, they break traffic safety rules and drive off in haste. With so many people recklessly driving into the entrance as quickly as possible to avoid the other sidewalk counselor, I began to wonder if there would be a wreck.

I got an unusual number of aural assaults this time. Not from visitors to the clinic, but from those on the ajoining highway. I got a "Get a Life!" and a classic "F(*& you!" and many a horn blast. But I also gave out more Bible than ever before. I guess the enemy felt the need to counter that by having his children out in full force with the long blares of car horns and obscenities. It didn't impede our work at all.

I saw something again that made my stomach turn. A used pair of surgical gloves, lying on the sidewalk last week. This week, I saw another pair (perhaps the same) crumpled in the parking lot. In a video I watched at a recent pro-life fundraising dinner, it gave a tour of a now-closed clinic. When they removed the exam tables, they found layers of dried blood. Used surgical gloves on sidewalks and dried blood do not suggest to me a sterile environment in which to have surgery, but 39 women laid down there on Saturday, submitting to and paying to be wounded unnecessarily.

Please pray that those who took my gospel tracts would read them, and that the Holy Spirit would soften their hearts. Also pray for those that avoided meeting my eyes, or exited through the entrance. They are in unspeakable physical and spiritual pain. Remember them when you approach the throne of grace.

Dallas, Texas

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What is Sidewalk AfterCare?

Hello, Pro-Life Brethren!

Before I begin, let me tell you a little about me. I am not your typical sidewalk counselor. I actually do after-care only (after-care meaning that I have resources for women after they have had their abortions). I do this for several reasons. First of all, I do deeply care for unborn babies and there lives are important to me. Although the enemy does want to steal, kill and destroy, those unborn babies aren't his true prize. I beleive that the enemy is truly after those women, those clinic workers, and our complacency as a nation. See, what happens to a woman after she has an abortion, is that the enemy begins twisting the truth, lying to her, saying that what she has done is so bad that God can now longer love or forgive her. While what she did was indeed horrific, Jesus' blood covers all sins, offering us mercy and grace. But of course, Satan does not tell her that, but only reinforces the lies that she can not approach the throne of grace.

Then what happens? Well, she attempts to dull the pain by engaging in behviors that hurt her (anorexia, bullimia, drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity, suicide). Many of those activities lead to another pregnancy when the circumstances that drove her to the first abortion are not resolved, but compounded. So she aborts again, sometimes because she doesn't beleive she deserves to be a mother. Those women that due seek after care help normally seek it 7 to 10 years after the first abortion and 3 or more abortions later. By that time, more children have died and her life seek irreplarable.

What after-care does is it stops the enemy in his tracks. By telling women that God still loves them as much as he did before she got pregnant, before she had an abortion, before she herself was even born, the enemy's ability to lie to them dwindles. One time I was praying outside an abortion mill, and one patient's boyfriend had to carry her to the car because she was so weak. My friend Jackie, an older Catholic lady (just FULL of love) went to her to talk. The girl looked at her and said, "What have I done?"

Jackie said, "You need to pray. You need to tell God you're sorry and that you'll never do this again, and you need to pray."

The girl said, "I will. I'll pray everyday."

The enemy wanted to tell that girl that she could never approach God. The enemy wanted to destroy her, but Jackie's few words made so much difference.

I hand out special bibles and gospel tracts for those that do not wish to talk along with a pamphlet that has my phone number. The information inside leads them to healing resources that will share the gospel as well. I pray for their salvations or convictions, every one, and that they would never abort another child again.

So, this is preventative sidewalk counseling. :) With 47% of abortions being repeat abortions, leading a post-abortive woman to the cross seems the way to save babies in the future. Regardless, Jesus LOVES those women so much and wants desperately to save them. Saving women saves babies and thwarts the enemy. That's why I do what I do.

We rightly seek to save babies from horrible, unnecessary deaths, but my presence also tells those women that it's not just there children I care for but them as well. It's not just the innocent unborn babies Jesus cares for, either. Pray for the salvations of post-abortive women and for mercy on our nation, in Jesus name.

Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Prayer at Greenville Women's Clinic

Most Saturday mornings I try to go to the abortion mill Greenville Women's Clinic.
The clients of the abortion clinic drive in though a gate from the main road. There isn't a sidewalk. And there is only a short driveway between the street and the gate. Once they drive past the gate we can't approach them unless we want to deal with the security guard. Each Saturday morning there is usually someone on that short driveway that trys to flag the clients down to offer them some literature and get them to talk. Many do stop to take the literature but few stop to talk.

That is where I feel I have a place that is needed there. You see, I am an intercessor. It is my job to stand in the gap for the babies that are being led to slaughter there. I read the Word and pray scriptures that call for justice and protection of the innocent. I ask the Father to give the mothers that are there grace to repent and change their minds. I ask that they would be given the fear of the Lord. As the apostle Paul said concerning the weapons of our warfare in the spirit - they are not carnal but MIGHTY for the pulling down of strongholds. This abortion mentality and the whole industry that supports it is a stronghold of the evil one. We have authority as believer's in Christ to bind and to loose.

Each week is different. Sometimes there is liberty in prayer and other times there seems to be a heaviness that hinders it. As each car drives up I try to pray as the Spirit gives me utterance. Sometimes through tongues, scripture or just a cry to save the life of that baby. The real battle is in the heavelies. It is a battle that we can win, if we will use the weapons of our warfare in faith and believing prayer.

grace and peace through Jesus our Lord,
Bro. Galen